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Different Types of Roulette Games to Play

In 2017, the online casino market is bigger than ever before and there are some excellent options for players looking to play games for the first time or try out something new. Roulette games are an excellent choice and the player has plenty of these games to choose from. Finding the best ones can be tricky so we thought we would help you out and compile a small guide of our favourite online roulette games. There are plenty of things to consider when selecting roulette as your casino game of choice so where exactly should you start?

Your Choice of Roulette Games

It could be argued that there are 2 main types of roulette games available to play on the internet and these are the European variant and the American variant. Both games, although very similar to each other, have subtle differences in their rules so what exactly should you play? Beginning with the European variant, this game is the more popular among players in the UK and it could be argued that you have a slightly higher chance to win playing European roulette games. This is because statistically, the odds are slightly more in your favour when you play this game.

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For European roulette games online, there is a total of 37 pockets. 18 of these pockets are red, 18 are black and there is one single zero which is green. Generally, you will receive odds of around 35/1 for betting on a single number and with Amercian roulette games, there are 38 pockets. 18 of these are red and 18 are black but the difference with these roulette games is that there are two green pockets: the single zero and the double zero. This means that there is an additional pocket on the American version and as a result, it is slightly harder to win playing this game.

Playing Roulette Games Effectively

Of course, you can play whichever version you please and there are big jackpots to be won if you get lucky. What we love about online roulette games is the range of bets that can be placed and players don’t have to just bet on a single number. Players can bet on easier variables such as a red or black number or odds or evens. This will give you odds of around 1:1 and these bets are probably the most common among roulette players. They are a good for new players beginning their roulette adventure.

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Another thing to consider is the online roulette game itself and the betting options available on the game. Often, the betting limits are outlined by the casino site itself so the site you play on can Play roulette onlinealso have an effect when you play roulette games online. Remember to look for a good welcome offer as well if you are choosing a new site to play roulette games on. A welcome offer will allow you to claim bonus cash in most cases and this will allow you to play plenty of online casino games for free before having to bet your own cash. News in the casino world

In summary, there are plenty of interesting roulette games to enjoy on the web. With so much choice for the player, starting out on a new casino and claiming some welcome bonus cash is a great idea. You can play whichever version you like but our advice would be to play the European version due to the odds being slightly more favourable for the player. Start out with small bets and then you can work your way up to bigger bets if you want to win larger amounts of funds. Good luck!

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