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Common Symbols Found in Mobile Slots

Mobile slots are by far one of the most popular types of games to enjoy playing at online casinos, however, while they are extremely easy to play, it can be quite daunting for new players if you are unaware of the different terms and the symbols on your reels. If you want to know more about the different symbols that can be found on your mobile slots reels and what each of them do then be sure to carry on reading before you get started spinning!

Mobile Slots How to Play

Before we get started discussing the types of symbols found on your reels playing mobile slots, it is important that you first of all know what you are doing when it comes to spinning the reels of mobile slots.
To get started playing mobile slots players will firstly need to determine what exactly their budget is. This then allows you to work out how much you can bet per spin! It is important to work out a budget as you do not want to lose all of your hard-earned cash. Players can then enter this figure using the plus and minus symbol. Bets per spin can be as little as pennies or if you are feeling confident you can even bet thousands of pounds per spin! Hit that spin button and watch your symbols align for big cash wins!

Playing Casino through Mobile

The Basic Mobile Slots Symbols

When playing mobile slots there are a few symbols that you be on the lookout for before you get started playing mobile casino and you should also know why these symbols are so lucrative to your game play.
Normally, the most lucrative symbol on your reels is the wild symbol. This symbol will replace all other symbols on your reels and this in turn creates more winning combinations and puts more money into your account! There are sometimes exceptions and symbols that cannot be replaced on your reels such as the scatter symbol. The wild symbol will be present in the majority of mobile slots that you play, however, it will not automatically be in every game and that goes for the other symbols we are about to discuss too.
The scatter symbol is the next symbol that players love to find appearing on their reels. This symbol will normally trigger the free spins round when a set amount land on your reels and this is normally a minimum of 3. The more scatter symbols that land on your reels, the more free spins you will receive in the bonus round!
Finally, players will also find in some of the more advanced slot games bonus symbols. Bonus symbols can trigger bonus rounds and mini games that will not only help you take home more cash but will also make your game play that much more fun and exciting!

If you haven’t tried playing mobile slot yet, then what are you waiting for? Check out all of the biggest mobile slots titles at your favourite online casino today and get depositing to make those big cash wins!

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